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What is StreetHeat?

Streetheat's Will C and Tana are one of the most sought after music video directors and content creators in the business. With 20 yrs of experience working with artists such as The Lox, Dipset, Diddy, YMCMB/Cash Money, T.I, Wiz Khalifa , Waka Floka, Ginuwine, Busta Rhymes, Nore, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, The Migos, 2 Chains and many many more. Street heat is now opening there 20 yr collection of Hip Hop history to the public in the form of NFT's as well as the Streetheat Token backed by the community that has kept streetheat at the forefront as leaders and pioneers in the businesses for two decades.

Our Vision

StreetHeat is looking to bring tangibility to Web3. Many projects talk about the world they will create, We however are focused on the world we live in. This world we will build a community where Fans + Fame intersect. StreetHeat will deploy STHT on the top 3 blockchains

  • StreetHeat NFT'S will be utilized for events, masterclasses, content, and VIP access to some of Web3 + Entertainments hottest events.

  • StreetHeat's Metaverse city will be the virtual epicenter of Art + Culture. You can live next door to your favorite artists, get updates when they’re online, and watch concerts and interviews with Entertainments brightest stars.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bridge the gap between the NFT and urban music communities, with independent artists around the world in fashion, art and music We will do this by supporting independent artists, directors, and creators around the world, by working with them in creating their own NFTs with the backing of the StreetHeat brand, Streetheat's one of a kind historical content, and the relationships they have formulated over the past 20 years.


This Whitelist has been meticulously curated by Street Heat to be a memorable cultural event. A true one of one. "None before it, none to come."

We are celebrating "True Decadence":

  • 10 Seasons. 10,000 pieces Total. 1,000 NFTs per Season.

VVIP Whitelisting will be for elite few (10%) that buys and holds $10,000 worth of STHT token. STHT NFT collection itself will be focused on the variation of logos that will unleash following utilities:

Benefits of StreetHeat:

  • Access to Exclusive Global Events by StreetHeat and its Partners kicking off at NFT.NYC

  • VVIP Backstage Access to filming some of Music Entertainment biggest Videos and events an be part of the film crew. I.E. “We Set The Trends Remix" Dj Khaled, Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana & Migos

  • Special Access to shows and live + streamed performed by Entertainment's hottest Artists in the Metaverse.

  • VVIP First rights of the initial land mints in StreetHeat's Exclusive City dropping July 4th. A city dedicated towards Art×Culture.

  • Behind the scenes footage from StreetHeat upcoming Documentary and First ever Reality Show Partnering with the Mega Platform WorldStarHipHop.

  • 10 NFTs with VVIP Whitelisting providing Early Access to selection for upcoming seasons.

How to Qaulify?

There will only 175 availabiltiy on this Whitelist broken down below. For each season afterwards will only produce 100 whitelists. The total VVIP members will be 1075.
A club more exclusive then Billionaires on the planet

  • 30 Friends, Colleagues, + Collaboraters
    As early adopters we commemorate their special moments and thank them for the legends they are.

  • 20 Founding Team
    Thanking the people that made this happen

  • 15 Charity
    We believe in our Tithings for Goodwill. All causes and organizations welcome.

  • 10 Discord

Let the culture decide who deserves this. 5/30 Whitelist date. Snapshot Day 6/11.

100 Initial VVIP Discounts
$10,000-This will be given to the initial STHT token Holders over that amount.


Our Road Map leading to success

  • 1

    Launching site

    Building community

    Huge press release

    Announcement of whitepaper

    Smart contracts

    Pre- sale

    Launching of the coin
    Airdrop of token holders of a certain amount.
    Purchase of the coin will be available on bloxxwap

    Having top influencers involved in the project

    First 10% Burn

    IRL New York Party (1st Party Event)

    Metaverse Party

    Listed on Uniswap, Sushiswap QuickSwap PancakeSwap Part


    Easter eggs within videos and released content

    Gas/alpha pass for Presale Whitelist

    We are going to make sure that we burn when buying and distributing to others

  • 2

    First collection of NFT from the 20 yr collection (Gen 0)

    Creating/Launch of StreetHeat Marketplace (Beta Version)

    listed on our exchanges

    Getting listed on coin market cap

    Getting listed on coin gecko

    Building StreetHeat blockchain

    NFT mining/staking of coins

    Begin adverting on billboards across the world

    Burn 20%

    Charity forever – first donation

    Major press campaign

    Miami, Vegas IRL Events

    Other big artist announcement collections to be announced
    Along with the collections that will be released, we will be doing we will collaborations with celebrities and famous urban hip hop artists

  • 3

    Completion and launch of StreetHeat Marketplace

    Blockchain completed

    Listing on major exchanges (coin)

    Giveaway campaign

    Community prizes

    Release of beta version of metaverse

    Burn 20% of coin

    New WL spot for top 10% of holders

    10% of royalties to charity forever each month now

  • 4

    Finalized StreetHeat Metaverse

    Finalized StreetHeat Marketplace

    Use street heat token in the StreetHeat Marketplace

    20% final burn
    Approx. 50% of coin will be burned

    Classes and collaborations to begin on the StreetHeat Metaverse.

StreetHeat Token

It is StreetHeat's plan to release the StreetHeat Token. The StreetHeat Token will be backed by ten million dollars (10,000,000.00) each year over the first four years the StreetHeat Token has been released, creating immediate liquidity in The StreetHeat Token. Furthermore, the StreetHeat Token will be used by consumers in the marketplace.

Day 1 of Token launch- Available on BloxXwop Exchange
BloxXwop DEX as it allows P2P transfer with 0 transaction fees utilizing just a username. 2 Weeks after launch it will be available on top Dex's.


  • 300 Billion Supply
    (50 % burn over a course of time)

  • 5% Charity

  • 13% Marketing

  • 5% Airdrop

  • 10% Presale

  • 60% Public

  • 7% Team

Benefits of StreetHeat Token

  • 5% of the total supply will goes back into a Streetheat Foundation Pool. This Pool will be utilized to give back to less fortunate artists across the world. StreetHeat will supply them with the tools and equipment they need to pursue their dreams as any type of artist, Fashion Designer, Painter, musician, etc.;

  • Owners of the token will have access to NFTs, Art Classes and multiple programs worldwide giving the youth and the public the opportunity to learn about cryptocurrency and NFTs;

  • There will be an anti-whale provision which will prevent the dilution of the StreetHeat Token causing the price of the coin to be manipulated;
    Throughout the completion of each phase in the roadmap a total of 70% of the StreetHeat Token’s 300 Billion supply will be burned;

  • Holders of the coin will have access to Whitelist opportunities, presale mints, IRL and Metaverse events; and
    So much more that will be announced as each phase is completed

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